Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Naming of Fuss is a Difficult Matter

So, kids cry. Wail. Whine. Fuss.

When Ryan came along, we identified several kinds of fuss, and Morgan has added to our list.

Some are obvious:

Hungry Fuss
Sleepy Fuss
I'm-in-Pain Fuss
Gassy Fuss
Just Plain Old Sad Fuss

Some were surprising to us first-time parents:

Insta-Fuss: Fuss that comes out of no where, for no apparent reason
Inexplica-Fuss: For no apparent reason
Crazy Fuss: High-pitched and repetitive--think Psycho
Bored Fuss: Phoned-in and half-assed
Dreaming Fuss: Sleeping baby + Insta-Fuss

And Morgan's specialty:

Burping Fuss: Burp. Fuss.

So. There it is.

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