Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Walrus Said

Finally, a blessed minute to bloggeth mine heart out.

Recent Accomplishments:
Draft of a book review for Gastronomic Meditations--hopefully which will be well-received
Completion of "Half-Blood Prince"--more on that next blog
The Dishes

Still To Do:
The Laundry, Oh My God, The Laundry
The Organizing of the Crap--the continuing story of a woman on the edge--of a mountain of crap

And yet, here I blog. Like a frog. On a log.

I'm feeling very literary tonight, so I thought I'd hastily compose an ode to one of my favorite dot-com-busted companies.

Ode to Webvan

Oh, Webvan, Webvan, you are No More.
You used to bring groceries right to my door.

Perfect for women with babies and kids,
How dare you let yourselves go on the skids!

We eagerly purchased your wares and your stock,
Jumped for joy at the sight of your truck on our block.

We wept happy tears as you brought in the sacks
Full of bananas and soda six-packs.

But alas! Georgia would not allow you the wine
To bring to my house without a large fine.

And that was the very sad start of the end.
You ran out of capital and busted, my friend.

Webvan, you stabbed my soul right to the core,
For now I must drag my ass back to the store!

That only took 10 minutes and I never had one lesson.

Thank You! Good Night!

1 comment:

Jason Dixon said...

Jenn, darling, I loved Webvan and I *love* your ode!