Friday, August 19, 2005

Bright Kids

As a former "bright kid" myself, and as the parent to at least one "bright kid," I found the following Thomas Sowell article very interesting:

"Julian Stanley and bright children"

A telling excerpt:

Even classes in so-called "gifted and talented" programs are too often just more of the same level of work as other students do, or trendy projects, but not work at a greater intellectual depth.

Sometimes, as Professor Stanley has pointed out, it is just busy work, in order to keep bright students from being bored and restless when classes are being taught at a pace far too slow for very intelligent youngsters.

Been there, done that.

Consider this just reason #256 to avoid public schools.

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Jason Dixon said...

This is very telling, indeed. *Sigh* At least there are those quiet crusaders like you and some of your friends refusing support to this whole system. There's hope!