Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm Up, I'm Up, I'm Up!

It's 5:00am-ish and now I'm up. Been up for an hour. For no apparent reason. Fuck. So I think I'll blog a bit until the baby wakes up to eat.

Recent Accomplishments:

Finally ordering pictures of our Chicago/Indy trip and getting them ready to mail to various relatives
Went to the zoo with the kids (and Kelly and her daughter)--superfun!
Read two or three awesome books--stuff for a future blog

Still Need To Do:

Catch up on email--you know who you are!
I owe comments on my friend Jason's blog--you know who you are!
Decrapification of the house--more stuff for a future blog
Make dinner occasionally--it can be done!
Notes for future blogs--there are so many things that float through my brain during the day that I need to get out of my head

We're leaving in two days for our annual trip to the Outer Banks, NC with friends. I'm really looking forward to being there, but am rather afraid of the getting there. Maybe next year we'll look into flying. It's important that I just come to terms with the fact that it might take us much, much longer to drive there this year. If I can get comfortable with the idea of stopping every hour (for an hour!), I won't get stressed, and we'll all be much happier! It should be really relaxing once we get there, though. I probably won't get to the beach much, which isn't really my thing anyway, because of Morgan, but it will be nice to have only one kid to be responsible for. I'm hoping that Ryan will enjoy playing with the older boys who will be there. He's really becoming more social in his grand old age.

And I miss my friends so much--I love that we've been able to get together for the past 4 years. I love that we are still a part of each others' lives after all this time. And now we get to see our kids growing up. The thing I love most about this annual trip is that everything is so comfortable the instant we arrive. Even though we haven't seen everyone in a year and had (usually) only sporadic contact, once we get together, it's like a day hasn't gone by. We just pick up the conversation where we left off. It's reliable and cozy and I hope it continues for years and years.

Incidentally, "picking up the conversation where we left it" also accurately describes the feeling I've had in the past couple of weeks as I've been back in contact with some other old friends (as previously blogged). Fundamentally, we haven't changed, and there's something real and true that's present. I think that is the best way to identify a true Friend. In German, "Freund" is a special word only reserved for one's closest friends. There's another word (that escapes me at the moment) that describes the majority of associates a person has. But a "Freund/Freundin" is a kindred spirit.

I've recently discovered that I have a lot more kindred spirits than I ever imagined. Lucky me!


Jason Dixon said...

What an important distinction to make (between the casual friends and kindred spirits). It's unfortunate we don't have the vocabulary for it. "Acquaintance" sounds so cold and "friend" has been diluted such that we're left with adding qualifiers like "my very good friend" or "my best friend" (the latter being too exclusive--what about someone who's fortunate enough to have several kindred spirits).

me said...

"Kindred Spirits are not so scarce as I used to think" (Anne of Green Gables - Lucy Maud Montgomery).