Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Back!

Well, that was rather a long (unintentional) break from blogging.

We had a fun week in the Outer Banks, but needed another week to recover from our "vacation." Traveling with kids is WORK!

Then we all got sick--I finally succumbed yesterday. Blah.

Recent Accomplishments:
Music Class started
Deep cleaned the hall closet, kitchen and bathroom
Wiped butts

Still To Do:
The Rest of the Laundry (including those straggling articles of clothing STILL located in suitcases from our trip!)
Decrapification of Upstairs Closets (shudder)
Catch up on Email
Much, much more!

Ryan started gymnastics today. Brendan took him since I'm sick. He had a good time evidently. Ryan is also excited that football season has begun, and wants Falcons paraphernalia.

Morgan is sitting up so well now and is VERY interested in the world around her. She grabs everything and tries to eat it. Her personality is really beginning to emerge. She's no longer just a lump, not an infant anymore. She's an actual Baby now.

I have read so many good books recently, and will post on them soon. Also, Brendan and I watched The Phantom of the Opera on DVD. It was really quite well done. He actually really liked it!

Well--off to bed I go. Being sick = Blick!


me said...

Hope you feel better and get lots of sleep. The blechy sickness sucks - want I should beat it up?

Jason Dixon said...

I'm so glad you're back! Take care of yourself.