Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blogs I Like

In addition to the blog of My Most Humorous Sister (and The Only Ex-Roommate That I Still Talk To), MINE,


the blog of My Wonderfully Thoughtful and Fun-To-Hang-Around Friend (Who Happens To Be Gay In Case You Can't Tell From His Blog Name and Who Is Also Rather Adorable), Rational Queer,


the blog of an Especially Hard-Working Friend (Who Makes Yummy Things Like Lemongrass Martinis), Gastronomic Meditations,

I would also like to direct your attention to the newest blog in the blogosphere, the blog of An Amazingly Incisive Friend Who Really Enjoys A Good Jesus Joke, The Sidereal Messenger!

That's just me, bringing you the latest info on The Blogs Of My Friends, aka A Really Good Way To Avoid Doing Things Like Dishes Or Going To Bed At A Decent Time.


Jenn, Who Is Really Enjoying This Nifty Labeling Motif

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