Saturday, November 26, 2005

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear

Oh. My. God. We're home. We had a lovely Thanksgiving visit in Asheville, NC. It's one of my favorite places EVER.

But the drive home today. Jesus. I'm thinking of writing a play entitled Days of Whine and Noses (Scrunched Up With The Smell Of Poop). Seriously, we had to change The Baby Girl 5 times!

On to the quote of the evening. Allow me to set the scene.

A boy. A bath. A sound.

Bloop bloop bloop

A question.

"Mom! Dad! Did I just poop?"

Dear, innocent child! No, you farted, sweetie.

"Oh! When I fart under water, it makes bubbles. You don't see that every day!"

I should say not!

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