Friday, November 04, 2005

Websites I Like

Sometimes when I am in the midst of multiple diaper changes, whining fits and temper tantrums, and babies who wake up in the middle of the night AGAIN!, I miss my Old Life.

I had a Career, a Real Job, in my Old Life. My Job involved such activities as wearing panty hose, talking to adults, solving problems and eating lunch with my coworkers.

But when my current job gets to be a bit much, I can go to this website, and I am suddenly, vividly, and humorously reminded of why I don't do the Old Job anymore!

My absolute favorite is "Mediocrity," but they're all great.

And it occurs to me that I really hate panty hose, the "adults" I used to work with acted very much like rotten little children, I do solve lots of problems every day, and I get to have lunch with my family.

Really, the best of both worlds!

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