Monday, January 30, 2006


Not many people have to get a couch super-quick because the one they currently own is about to break apart. When the couch creaks and groans under the weight of your 35 pound kid (even when he's not jumping on it), you must hie thee hither to Ye Olde Furniture Outlet posthaste.

That's what we all did this weekend. Believe me, it is an uncommon joy to wander around dozens of fake living room setups on a Saturday afternoon with 2 small children, particularly if one of the small children is next door to complete hysteria every time anyone approaches or (gasp!) even dares to sit on any couch that is not the color red, as this small child has singlehandedly determined that RED shall be the color of our next couch, and the color of our next couch shall be RED.

Here is a link if you want to see what our new couch looks like.

May it hide stains, resist tears, and support us (jumping or otherwise), for years to come.

Even though it's not red.

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