Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Let's Start The New Year Right

WHEREAS I've been the slackest blogger in, well, if not the whole world, my little corner of Georgia at least, AND

WHEREAS I was caught resolutionless during a what's-everyone's-resolution-this-year confessional, AND

WHEREAS I've realized that blogging is not only fun, but a bit of a mental health upper as well,


I will blog more regularly.

My current plans include a minimum of twice a week.

See, 'cause here's the thing: I have lots of things that happen to me everyday that I think are totally bloggable. So now I will be blogging them instead of imagining that I did and then 3 days (or weeks) later trying to remember what the bloody hell it was that I thought was so funny. Or important. Or cute. Or bloggable.

So there. That's it.

Well, except also that I have resolved to CONQUER THE CLUTTER in my house this year. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning out the basement and making it inhabitable for my treadmill and the little ones, finishing the backyard so that it is non-hazardous* to small kids (like mine), and getting rid of all the crap that we've collected and not used over the years. It's time to begin fresh!

Oh, and to exercise regularly.

So there you go. What's your resolution?

*By non-hazardous, I mean free of poison ivy and rusted barbed wire. No, really.

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me said...

WHEREAS you have identified resolutions for the New Year, AND

WHEREAS you have actually identified obtainable, measurable objectives, AND

WHEREAS you are actually making progress to your blogging resolution,


You ROCK!!!

No resolutions for me, but I have started updating my blog again: http://mememeiii.blogspot.com . Please read and comment!

YEA JENN!!!!!!!!!

4:02 AM