Sunday, January 22, 2006

Little Ditties From TV Shows I Like

This song has been coursing through my brain today:

"Hey mon frere,
If your derriere
Could use a little cush--
No need to pout,
The word is out,
It's Jack's Subway Tush!"

From Will & Grace, "My Best Friend's Tush" (2000)

There's also:

"I like to stop at the duty free shop! I like to stop at the duty free shop!"

From Seinfeld, "The Airport" (1992)

And of course, who could forget:

"Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!"

From Just Shoot Me, "Slow Donnie" (1999)*

*This is possibly the funniest episode of any sitcom ever. I mean, EVER.

Help! I know there are other funnies, but my brain is failing me right now. Send me your nominees!

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