Saturday, January 07, 2006

Reasons Not To Send Your Kid To Government School

You don't have control over your own vacation schedule.

Cobb County, Georgia has unveiled next year's school schedule. A previous poll taken by the county showed overwhelming--90%--support by parents to make Thanksgiving a week-long holiday. The extra days would be added back to the Christmas holiday.

Sorry, everyone. You and your kids will be penalized when they don't show up for school on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Change those travel plans to Grandma's. The county government has determined that you WILL be in town and your kids WILL be in their little wooden desks. Being educated. Yeah, right. My recollection of any holiday week is of passing notes and spacing out. Learning--not so much.

In some school districts throughout the country (not certain if Cobb County is one or not), parents can be legally penalized with fines when their kids miss too much school. Even if it's an "excused" absence. Doesn't matter if you sent a note with your kid. If the school doesn't think your excuse is valid, that's your too bad. Substitute government regulations and guidelines for individual judgment over the circumstances for you and your family.

Why should you get to determine when you go on vacation? Or when your kid has a valid reason to miss school?

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