Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Acworth, Georgia: Cynosure of Objectivist Thought

Brendan was doing a websearch the other day and came across this 4 year old article from USA Today.

Ahem! And I quote:

"The book [Atlas Shrugged] sells extremely well in pockets such as the Atlanta suburb of Acworth, Ga., according to Amazon.com. Acworth residents are far more likely than the general population to own tax-sheltered annuities and subscribe to Forbes magazine, according to market research company Claritas."

(Hmmm...do we own "tax-sheltered annuities"? I'll have to determine that--if not, then I obviously need to get on it, if only to keep up with my tax-sheltered neighbors!)

Now how did we miss this article when it was originally published? It's obviously about Brendan and me, since we are the only Objectivists I've ever discovered in this small Atlanta suburb in our nearly 9 years of residing here. (We had some Objectivist friends settle here briefly in 2004, post-article, no doubt drawn by Acworth's sterling philosophical reputation and of course the amazingly fabulous, um, us.) Really, when you think about it, it is quite an accomplishment to have been able to singlehandedly influence Amazon.com's sales results for Atlas Shrugged! That must be how our credit card balances got so high, stuffing the Amazon.com ballot box, as it were.

We did go to some lengths to determine the article's authenticity and it does not seem to be phony (although if you find evidence to the contrary, please let me know).

So....three cheers for Acworth, Georgia: Beacon of Liberty and Rational Thought! It's been both an honor and a challenge to (wink) shoulder this philosophical burden (/wink), but clearly somebody has to do it.

By the way, isn't "cynosure" a lovely word? Do use it in a sentence today!

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