Monday, January 01, 2007


Guess I need to get blogging again, eh? My stars, I've been slack!

I do plan to update more often, especially as a way to keep up with Ryan's "schooling" progress. More on that at a later time. I think it's time to begin with a few 2007 Resolutions.

Leading off the list is...Regular Blogging! This is something that I do enjoy when I make time to do it regularly, as I am the Most Interesting Person I Know and I feel morally obligated to share my wond'rous self with the rest of the population, most of whom are, of course, Completely Uninteresting If Not Ballast, but those of you reading these words can probably count yourself out of that unfortunate grouping. So, to all those Almost As Interesting As Me folks reading: thanks, hello, and please share your Interesting selves with me via Comments or Other.

Next Resolution is to continue the excellent progress made on Conquering Clutter (see Last Year's Resolutions ). In 2006, I donated boxes upon boxes of toys, kitchen items, clothing, kitchen items, and of course, toys. To paraphrase Tennyson, tho' much has been taken out, much abides. This year's main projects include the guest room and--yikes--the basement. Healthier and More Exercising. Made good progress early in the year with regular walks with friend. Progress all Shot To Hell in the summer. One of the ideas with cleaning out the basement is to set up the treadmill down there so I can walk in rainy weather or sweltering July. (I tend to wimp out in the summer.) Also, will get back on the Weston A. Price plan, which is so much healthier than the chicken nuggets nine times a week plan we've all been on. This eating goal also ties into another big Resolution which is....

Developing and Sticking to a Monthly Budget. Brendan's business has been very steady, which is wonderful, and now it's time to pay down the home equity line and our credit cards and begin contributing regularly to the kids' college funds and our retirement (not in that order!). To that end, we have resolved to sell both of our cars and buy a (dreaded) minivan. Going down to one car will reduce our insurance and maintenance costs as well as provide Brendan with another reason to ride his bike to work. We are very excited about this prospect. First up on the dealer's block, the 2002 Honda Civic. We'll take the proceeds from that and use them to fix the bumper on the 2002 Infiniti QX4, which we'll probably use as a trade-in for the minivan. I am also focusing my Toy Business and Games Business on fundraising and bigger shows, so as to maximize my time with those. More on those later! Also, my Other Exciting News, which probably most of you know about but I am holding off on the Official Announcement for Dramatic Effect (check back in about 2 weeks or less), will help with the budget thing. I hope.

Those are the main points. I am planning on a very productive and (therefore) happy 2007! Hope you are, too!


david elmore said...

I am so glad, but that by the grace of Gawd, I am not an unfortunate ballast on the ship of Jenn divinity because I am reading Rational Jenn! :)

Oh, and I have a Lincoln Navigator that I would be happy to supplant your minivan with at a very reasonable price.

David Elmore

me said...

Welcome back! Thou mayest inspire me to again write, write, write (right?).