Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekend in the Mountains

We spent some time up at the cabin this weekend (go to FamBlog for a few pix). We identified things that need to go and came up with a plan for how to spruce up the basement a bit. The upper floor is decorated: not in my taste, but decorated. Just need to get that kitchen table (I've got a lead on that)! I will update the decor upstairs at a later time.

But the basement looks like, well, just a regular old basement. I want it to look like a "Cabin In The Mountains Basement." So, I will be ordering some new furniture soon and we'll be renting a van or small truck to remove the stuff we don't want. I was successful in finding a home for the ping pong table, the little lego table and some of the plastic outdoor chairs (there are about 15 of them--probably only need 8). I have some things to give away and if I can't find homes for them then I will just donate them. Let's see--there are TONS of old library books--mysteries I've never heard of, mostly. Two upholstered chairs with a table in between--think it's all one piece--it's yellow. In good shape, too. An old table with fold down sides. Some wicker furniture--coffee table, loveseat, and chair--white. Let me know if you're interested!

Our wonderful friends (who also happen to be next door neighbors) came up on Saturday and spent the night. We all had lots of fun, especially once the little ones were asleep! It was about 65 degrees the whole time (about 20 degrees warmer than usual) which made it extra pleasant. We hope to have lots of people up for visits while we ready the cabin for rental, while it's still basically free to stay there. Drop me a line if you want me to put you on the list, but be aware that you may be asked to help move stuff or hook up DVD players and things of that nature.

Hope to blog more later, but may have to wait until tomorrow due to 24 season premiere part 2. Last night's episodes were pretty disappointing, philosophically. I'm hoping it will improve tonight.

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