Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brendan's Home from New Orleans

Actually, he got home yesterday but with the picking up at the airport, hooray Daddy's home, going out to dinner and the store, getting 4 hours of sleep due to sick baby and then trudging sleepily through another "normal" day, I haven't quite had a chance to update the blog.

Until now. (Mwahahahaha!)

Fortunately for Brendan, the J-Meter never peaked above that 7 as described below. Unfortunately for Brendan, the Ick! Meter rocketed up to 9.5 when he was propositioned on the streets of New Orleans by a drunken, none-too-toothsome woman who was at least 50 years young. (As she put it, she had been celibate some years and had decided that she needed to do something about that problem immediately.)

Fortunately for me (well, the universe as we know it really), he declined.

Another funny story he told me happened their first night in New Orleans. Loitering on the streets (as evidently they were wont to do), Brendan and the other guys in his group were approached by very friendly burlesque dancers (in all their befeatheredness) who invited one and all to their show that evening. The Big Boss Man (who as I've 'splained, is really a nice guy), after requesting and receiving a definition of "burlesque show" exclaimed, " You mean you get naked?"

Dear naive soul. Bless his heart.

We're glad Brendan's home and we are extra glad he brought with him approximately 343 sets of Mardi Gras beads! Pictures to follow soon on the famblog.

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