Sunday, February 11, 2007

Business Trip Update

Brendan is in New Orleans right now with his biggest, best, most reliable client.

It's a church. Or rather, an organization that supports evangelical churches and their members.

Super nice people, but they do have it bad for Jesus. Brendan is a bit concerned that they will finally put the moves on him. They know he's not evangelical, and probably suspect he's not even religious. They really, really like the work he's done for them and as far as business relationships goes, it's been satisfactory on all sides. But we are concerned that it's only a matter of time until they want to make sure, out of the goodness of their hearts, that he's been saved.

I'm betting this is the time!

Brendan called a little while ago, safe and sound at the New Orleans airport. So far, the Jesus Meter reads 0. Yay! But the Big Wig What's In Charge isn't there yet. We'll see. I'll update if the J-Meter goes any higher....I just know you want to know!

I'm hoping they just let it be and they have a productive meeting that will map out their project successfully. Oh, and that Brendan brings LOTS of Mardi Gras beads home. (Only I don't really want to know what he has to do to get them.)

Meanwhile, I'm here with the wee ones, one of whom is dripping from her nose like a greenhouse irrigation system. Should be a fun night, wish me luck!

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