Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Popular Than The Beatles

I hadn't planned to say much about this announcement that James Cameron of Titanic fame has produced a documentary unveiling a tomb believed to be that of Jesus (yeah, that Jesus) and his family. It certainly won't change my mind on the whole supernatural deity matter* and my archaeological interests (yes, I have some!) lie mainly in Ancient Egypt and Ancient and Medieval Britain (Osiris, King Arthur, you get my drift).

However, I just about laughed out loud at Cameron's statement:

Many have said that these names happen to be simply coincidence, however.

“This is like finding Paul, George, and John,” explained Cameron. “[But] you can’t say it’s the Beatles.”

“You need to find the Ringo. We didn’t have the Ringo.”

Scholars think that they may have found the “Ringo,” however, with the name inscribed upon the second Mary’s ossuary. On the side, it reads “Mariamene e Mara.”

First of all, what is James Cameron doing here? Doesn't he have a day job?

And also, Mary Magdalene is the Ringo of the group? Ringo? Really? Poor Ringo....

Couldn't he have come up with a better analogy? I mean honestly. Besides, if Mary Magdalene was anybody, she was Yoko.

I leave you now, with this songfloating around my head:

You can be my Yoko Ono,
You can follow me wherever I go...

*ETA: Rereading this, it seems to imply that Cameron's documentary won't make me change my mind that J was a supernatural deity. So I need to clarify--of course (as both of my regular readers know) I have no such belief. What I meant to get across is that other than my interest in the MM=Ringo matter, this entire "event" doesn't make much of a material difference in my life at all. In fact, if anything, if the evidence does somehow stand up to archaeological scrutiny, it would only strengthen the case for my non-Christian status.

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