Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So Now I Do Books

Yup, at it again, but this time it's just for the discount, I swear! Whenever I've come across an Usborne book, I've been impressed. Also, they seem to carry a great selection of puzzle books (mazes, dot-to-dots) that are currently of interest to Ryan as well as "Kid Kits" which are science projects.

So, I ran the numbers and with the discount, plus what I think I can count on from grandmas and such to order, it'll be a break-even opportunity at least. A cool way to get cheap books that are really interesting. My only real reservation is the "strong family values" statement on the website, which is usually code for "conservative Christian"; however there is nothing overtly Christian, at least in the materials I've read so far. I have no doubt in my mind that the typical Usborne consultant is pretty religious. So I guess I'll be an atypical consultant. "Tis fine--I'm used to being atypical. Kind of comfortable with it actually. (And one of my best friends is a conservative Christian, so it's not like I can't get along or would necessarily be unwelcome. But I would venture to say my friend is a bit atypical herself. At least as far as being friends with me. I do tend to steer clear of opportunities where I will be proselytized at because I just have no interest in engaging in that kind of debate anymore (BTDT).)

So, do check out my new website when you get a chance! There really are so many awesome books for kids.

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