Friday, February 09, 2007

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear

Resurrecting this funny (at least, to me) category:

Ryan (in a lilting, singing, very, very sweet and calm tone):

"Mommmm, Daddddd, I need you to listen to me right now, or I will call you idiots!"

Earlier today:

Ryan, in mid-tantrum-whine-power-struggle-thing:

"Mom, I want to kick you all the way up to the moon!" ["To the moon, Alice!"]

Me, gasping with joy: "Oh really? Thank you so much, I've always wanted to visit the moon! What a great idea!"

Ryan, perplexed, immediately stops whining and after a moment comes up with:

"Well, Daddy and Morgan and I are staying here and you have to go all by yourself."

Me: "That's great. I like to go explore places all by myself sometimes."

Ryan, tearful:

"But I want to go with you, Mom!"

Me: "That's fine, too. Sometimes I like to take trips with the people I love best. So you are more than welcome to join me. What a great idea! What do you think the moon is really like?"

And from that moment, the argument was forgotten and we spent several happy minutes envisioning the big moon battle between The Good Guys (us) and The Bad Guys (them).

2 points. I wasn't sarcastic at all; I just conceded his point in a very dramatic way. Also, I read about this technique for redirecting arguments from an awesome book, Playful Parenting by Lawrence J. Cohen.

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