Friday, February 09, 2007

Web Diversions

Just in case you are trying to avoid doing something important, but weren't feeling that your usual slacker excuses were going to cut it this time so you were actually (gasp!) getting ready to start your task(s)....

You are rescued! Just in time!

(Just doing my job. Or rather, NOT doing my job, as should be painfully obvious.)

Here is the Best Wedding/Party Dance EVER. Turn up the volume and get your zombie on! (Thanks to Jyn.)

And if you're interested in strolling down mall-memory lane, check out Dead Malls. I found about 7 places I remember from my childhood, plus local entries on the donor list. Ah! I can almost smell the soft pretzels and the Orange Julius and my feet vividly recall the painful experience of draa-aa-aa-ggging slowly behind my mom as she blew through Montgomery Ward (aka "Monkey Ward") and Lazarus* (slogan: "Prices So Low, They're Six Feet Under!"**) looking for bargains. (Thanks to Brian--no, not the Brian who owns the website. Another Brian who probably wishes he had come up with the idea himself.)

This one always cracks up my kids: Kitty Dance. Warning: the "song" will float around in your head for several days or until you consume enough alcohol to drown it out.


*See the first link for an excellent example of happy customers celebrating a successful bargain hunt.

**Not really, but I'm sure they kicked the idea around in Marketing. They do have a great name if they are ever able to shuffle off the Macy's coil, e.g., "We're back from the dead!"

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