Friday, April 20, 2007

Best. Toy. Ever.

Okay. I read about Kapla blocks about a year ago in a homeschool magazine. I've been dying to get them ever since, hand poised over the mouse, cursor poised over the "Order Now" button, but just couldn't bring myself to do it without having tried them out first. (They are rather pricey.)

What makes them different?

1. They are made very precisely and every block is exactly the same.
2. The dimensions are different from standard blocks. Kapla is 1:3:5 versus the 1:2:4 ratio that we are used to in the US. The odd ratio accounts for greater stability. Ergo, bigger buildings!

Now they sell them at Target! I was looking for a gift for a friend's 3 year old boy and decided he might like them. And then I decided that we might like them, too. (Oh, okay, it's really for me.)

I bought us a 40 pack. All I can say is WOW. We need like a million more. Brendan and I are seriously considering ordering the 1000 piece box. If you are inclined to fund our Kapla obsession, please do--send any number, any color, to our house asap!

By the way--the kids love them, too! And be sure to check out the videos on the website. The projects are really amazing.

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