Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things I Have Recently Learned

Not too much blogging lately, but that's okay because we've really been doing lots of Living. Here are some things that I've been thinking about, more or less in random order:

You can't get stickers off walls.

2 year olds know a lot about computers. Like my computer.

Ryan knows how to spell "zoo." (And he never had one lesson!)

No matter how much preparation and planning has been accomplished, I can always count on shitty Atlanta traffic to fubar everything. Even on a Sunday afternoon.

Saying swear words ("fuck" is a personal favorite) is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Being pregnant for the third time--while wonderful of course--not quite as thrilling as the first time. And a whole lot more exhausting. Just a mere 31 weeks to go! Sigh.

The ultrasound tech at my OBGYN uses Trojan brand condoms as a protective barrier on the transvaginal ultrasound device (aka "the wonder wand").

I can still get a little teary-eyed looking at a little blob wiggling around on an ultrasound screen. Even while trying to ignore the exact procedure that is necessary to produce said blob image.

5 year olds are extremely exasperating little people. Take the touchiness and control issues of a 2 year old and combine them with the debating technique of an average Senator and the stamina of an ox.

You don't need to sift the powdered sugar when making icing from scratch. Nobody can tell the difference!

We owe Georgia about 3 times the amount we owe to the Feds. OMFG.

Morgan is quite a little singer. Very cute! "Twinkle twinkle little star.....up up up the word so high...."

I am remembering to be careful about turning around to check the kids while driving. Someone on my secular homeschool list just lost her child in a car accident. They were rear-ended by a woman checking on her kid in the backseat.

When playing "This Little Piggie" with Morgan it is necessary to refer to the big toe as "This Big Piggie went to market" as that toe is the Big Toe and by being Big must be referred to as such and the other smaller inferior toes must defer to the Big Toe according to the Laws of the Universe. This must be done, or there will be wrath.

Ryan could spend literally all day in the sandbox. I wish he would sometimes!

Teaching someone something important--like say for instance, why and when a person might call "911"--is a very precarious undertaking. One might inadvertently make that person burning on-fire talk-about-it-constantly curious to know what it is like to call "911". So now we talk about when we DON'T need to call "911" (if someone scratches a knee on the pavement). And when I say "talk" I of course mean "argue and debate constantly and without resolution as the opponent is 5 and omniscient." I'm very scared!

While I am much more tired at the end of every day (pregnancy notwithstanding), I still like my current job waaaay better than any previous one I've ever held. :o)

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