Friday, May 11, 2007

Did A Little Housekeeping

No, not in my actual house! Never would do that, not when there are so many fascinating blog-related activities that beckon me toward the computer and away from my actual kids and the thousand little tasks that await me in my home.

The kids are pretty understanding. Especially when I toss Tootsie Roll after Tootsie Roll in their direction all day long. (I'm kidding!)

I did reorganize my links section and am still playing around with some different style/layout stuff. I included tons of new links, so check them out when you get a chance. To make it easier to figure out what's what, I broke up the links into categories. I'm especially excited to have a new "Objectivist Blogs & Links" category! One of my goals for the blog is to include more of my own Objectivist musings and having some friendly sidebar reminders will help stimulate my brain, methinks. I recently joined a mail list with other Objectivist bloggers. I'm excited to participate and get to know other Objectivists in cyber-space. Most of their blogs are in my links section--food for the noggin.

Let's see, what else? I have about 3 posts I'm working on in my head. Hope to have them up soon, but 3 of us have succumbed to a cold (I'm the third to go down; Ryan is the last man standing). It has been quite a while since anyone around here has been sick, so I suppose we're about due for a streak of viruses. Ah, life with kids!

Somehow I have to get my shit together enough to put a few things out for our neighborhood garage sale tomorrow. We have sooooo many things from the cabin project that need to find a new home and leave my garage forever. So it is written; so it shall be done! But my brain, throat and nose seem to be conspiring against me. Not to mention the children, but that's sort of their thang anyway. We were also going to go to the Georgia Renaissance Festival on Sunday, but that is in doubt. If we don't make it, we'll try for next weekend, because Ryan is eager to see jousting and I'm eager to see him see jousting.

Whatcha doin' this weekend? (I'd avoid us virus-laden folks for sure). If it's something fun, do let me know. I need some ideas for when we're all feeling better! And please let me know what you think about my new linkage and bloggage. Ta!

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