Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Food Allergy Awareness Week

Okay, so it's Wednesday already. Kind of spaced on this due to my renewed focus on diabetes.

Ryan and I have done just one thing for Food Allergy Awareness Week so far. We printed out a Protect A Life Hero Award and gave it to his friend next door who knows all about the peanut allergy and has expressed concern a few times about it. He's 4.5. (Again, if a 4.5yo kid "gets it", why are some grownups so mean about it?) I think he (the friend) didn't really know what to make of the certificate, but it was important for Ryan to give it to him, you know?

I think we might give one to our local Johnny's Pizza restaurant since they are so kind to Ryan. Apart from just having a safe restaurant environment for him (a function of the type of eatery it is, yes), they know him by name, the wait staff have talked to him about his allergy, they have double-checked ingredients for us several times, they're just good kids. Again, not sure what they will think about this "award" but Ryan wants to do it.

Brendan and I are also considering contacting the folks up at Duke University about some new studies that they might be recruiting for. We're still in discussions about it though; difficult to decide.

If you have read this post, you may now consider yourself aware of food allergies! Have a good rest of the week!

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