Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Food Allergy Walk

I just found out the date for Atlanta's 2nd Annual Food Allergy Walk: Saturday, October 27. The walk will take place at beautiful Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta.

Our honorary chairman this year (I hate the word "chairperson" and refuse to use it) is none other than: Clark Howard! His daughter has a food allergy--peanuts, I think.

We'll probably participate again this year. I'd love to top our awesome fundraising effort from last year--$1200. Maybe $1500? We'll set up a fundraising page as we did last year and I'll be sure to have a link up on the site.

Who knows? Maybe we'll actually walk the whole 3 miles this time! Last year the kids crapped out about halfway in, which I'm certain had something to do with the long walks through MARTA and from the MARTA station to the park (that in itself was one mile). We'll have to figure out something different this time.

If you wanna come, please do!

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