Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Google Reader

I've been using Google Reader for the last few days and it's been quite enjoyable.

There is so much out on the internet that I want to read, especially blogs (see my links). (Reading blogs satisfies informational needs as well as a newly-discovered nosy-need.) This is a way to help me manage my time. What you do is put in the blogs you want to keep up with and Reader knows when those blogs are updated. I even put a Reader section on my Google homepage--at a glance I can tell which of my most-read blogs have new posts. I have them grouped into 3 categories: Friends, Objectivism, and Homeschool. Right now, I have 0 posts to read in Friends (only 2 blogs in that category), 2 in Homeschool, and 7 in Objectivism. I can read the posts through my Reader page, or visit the sites.

Sweet! Now when I'm in a homeschool-research-y mood, I can zero right in on some relevant posts. Some of the new blogs I've listed in my "Objectivist Blogs & Links" category (on the right, lower....lower....there) have quickly become "must-reads."

This all fits quite nicely into my plans to be more productive and manage my time better. More on that later....Brendan has gone to an early dentist appointment so I must do kid-related things, such as drink coffee.

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