Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's Venting Time

I recently got two entries in the COBBVENT section of the (subscription required).

First, in response to a teacher who challenged parents who believe they can do a "better job" to get their teaching certificates and try it themselves:

Yes, teachers, I CAN do better. That's why I homeschool. You may get my money, but you won't get my kids!

That one was the lead vent of the day! Several responses were generated, mostly supportive. However, one dissenting response stated in part:

"It's the parents of our kids that don't care." (posted by a teacher, emphasis added)

Excuse me? Just exactly whose children are they? And who doesn't care? So I had to respond with:

Sorry, Teacher, they are MY kids, not your kids. How pompous, preposterous, presumptuous, to assume that you care more about my kids than I do. I care enough to make sure you don't get MINE.

While I'm in a venting mood, I must include this general rant:

Why oh why oh WHY do people who claim to know/admire/have read/grok/sass/heard of Ayn Rand and who also want to appear knowledgeable about her keeping saying "Ann Rand"? Sheesh! Nothing makes them appear more ignorant, and repeatedly bringing up Rush really does not help!

Oh, and the dude who had "read" "Ann" Rand then just had to tell me all about how he had never heard the phrase "Objectivism" and wanted to know "what her deal was" (a request for an explanation of the philosophy). I referred him to the primary sources, of course.


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