Tuesday, May 29, 2007

O.M.F.G., part 2

I'm visual, I'm puzzle-y. I love optical illusions and visual riddles. My dad introduced me to M. C. Escher at the age of 8 and I became obsessed--loops and dimensional shifts, oh how was it possible?

(And yet--can't draw! I'm actually quite musical. Very musical as a matter of fact. Strange. I just realized that.)

So when I saw these online, I got a bit geeked out. Amazing that someone thought to make a puzzle out of Escher's famous Reptiles print. Amazing that it took so long for someone to do it, really.

My brother-in-law came for a visit yesterday and brought this puzzle for Ryan (yay! someone reads my blog!). Of course, I was terribly excited and shoved the kids aside so I could be the first to play with it. Not really, but, uh, not really not. Ryan, as predicted, is really enjoying playing with it, too. He is currently reconfiguring the puzzle so that his baby lizard toys have a place to play. (Awwww....)

I showed him one of my Escher books, too. It was fun to flip through those familiar pages with him, watching him absorb the images for the first time. He kept turning his head from side to side, trying to figure out the perspective tricks. It doesn't hurt that Escher loved to draw snakes and lizards and fish and things that many little boys seem to like.

Fun! It's neat to share a passion with my kid. Memories, and all that. Now, I'm off to play some more with Ryan and that puzzle. Bye!

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