Monday, May 21, 2007


We went to the Marietta Greek Festival on Saturday with some friends (pictures to be posted soon to the FamBlog).

Unlike previous years, we went later in the afternoon and stayed on through dark. It was a beautiful day, pleasant and warm, cooling off to just a bit too chilly during the evening. We saw dancing and ate dolmathes (yes!) and watched the kids make "dirt angels" on the playground (okay, that was just Ryan) and tried Greek beer. Fun, okay, fun!

More stories will be with the pics on the FamBlog, but I will share this one here. Here is one important thing I learned at this year's Greek Festival: In Greece, Real Men Dance. They dance without reservation, with pride, and with their shirts half open. They dance with strength and with their yai-yais (grandmas). They display feats of strength such as kicks and jumps. I thought the kicking and jumping would appeal to my boy and I pointed out some of the more interesting/dangerous maneuvers throughout the day.

As Ryan sat on my lap while we watched our last dancing show of the evening, I once again said "Look at the guys--that guy did a HUGE kick!" My son, my boy, nay, my baby replied, "You keep telling me to watch the boys. I'm more interested of the girls. I watch them wherever they dance, all around."


The women had scarves with tinkly coins sewn in draped around their hips. The scarves jingled with every step, every hip shake. Right at his eye level. It was obviously mesmerizing!

He was quite disappointed that we didn't make it back to the Festival yesterday (too much to do around here)! He wanted to watch the girls dance again!

Oh my.

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