Thursday, May 31, 2007

See, This Is What A Geek I Am...

I was working on the blog when I noticed that I wrote 29 posts in May. My previous high volume month was 27 posts in February 2007.

So I was all excited that I beat my previous record, but then realized that I should account for February having only 28 days and May having 31 days.

At this point, I knew I was going to blog this, thereby bringing my Total Posts for May up to 30.

So then I pondered the following burning question: Even though I had a higher Total Posts for May, was my Post Per Day Rate higher in February due to the shortened month?

So of course I calculated it:

Posts Per Day Rate Feb 2007: 0.96429
Posts Per Day Rate May 2007: 0.96774

It's official: May is my most prolific month to date! I am proud to be upholding at least one of my New Year's Resolutions!

If I hadn't blogged this, though, February would have had a higher Posts Per Day Rate with the Minus-This-Post-May-Rate being: 0.93548.

Did I subconsciously want May to be higher? Have I fiddled with the numbers in a blatant example of confirmation bias?

I'll never tell.

Yes, you get to call me a geek now, even though I do not have a Computer Science degree (it's in English amazingly enough). I will say this, and those who know me in real life will know this is true:

This post very accurately represents the things I really think about. This post is me.

Contemplate that, if you dare!

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