Saturday, June 09, 2007

Breaking Atmo

We interrupted our regularly scheduled Movie On The Wall Night* last evening to catch the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis.

We turned on the NASA channel with about 8 minutes to go. Ryan was captivated. He was so excited he kept grabbing my hand and squeezing it and jumping up and down. Can't wait until he's old enough to go to Space Camp.

It was a beautiful launch. Don't know about you, but I still get nervous and hearing the commander say "Go at throttle up" always reminds me of the Challenger.

This morning, I learned that there was some very interesting cargo on that shuttle: Firefly and Serenity DVDs! One of the mission specialists is a Browncoat and brought the DVDs with as an offering for the astronauts in the space station. You can read about the story here.

How cool is that?

*MOTWN: Brendan hooks up a portable DVD player to a projector, runs the sound through the stereo, pops in Peter Pan or Aladdin (last night was Aladdin), and presto! The kids are entertained and think they are at a movie theater. Cheaper than the theater and don't have to worry about them making too much noise (well...) and when they get tired we can just put them to bed. MOTWN happens most Friday nights for the kids; during the week sometime for us (Firefly, 24).

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