Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Just a week ago, we toured one of our local fire stations and learned about the technology and training that firefighters use to protect themselves. It really is a science.

Today, nine firefighters have been killed in a blaze in South Carolina. What they do is so important and it's so sad that they have lost their lives.

Little kids always seem to look at Fireman PeopleGuys (what we call them around here) as Big Damn Heroes. When you get a little older, it's easy to take the people who do these kinds of jobs for granted. At least I did.

The last few years for me have included 2 visits by firefighters (who are also EMTs) to my personal house for my son and my husband, visits to several neighbors on my street alone, a sister-in-law who has taken the firefighter exam in Chicago (and is an EMT herself), a tour of the fire station, numerous conversations with firefighters. The respect I had for them as a child has grown back after all these experiences and they are Big Damn Heroes again in my eyes.

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