Sunday, June 10, 2007

Firefly Returning To The TV 'Verse

Universal HD will be showing Firefly in July. Eek!

Not that that helps me too much, as we have neither HDTV nor HD service. Although it is mighty tempting to blow all kinds of money to acquire these necessities prior to July!

Reading the forums on the Universal HD website, it seems that there are still so many people who have only just been introduced to Firefly and all its gloriousness. In fact, we lent the first disk to our neighbor last week. Just doing our part for the team.

Gives me hope that one day there will be enough of an established audience that it will be profitable to start up the show again.....I know, I know, but I can dream, can't I?

I leave you with a snippet of a scene from "Out Of Gas" when Zoe and Mal are walking through the ship together for the first time:
Mal: "Try and see past what she is, to what she can be."
Zoe: "What's that, sir?"
Mal: "Freedom, that's what."
Zoe: "I meant, what's that?"
Mal: "Oh. Yeah, just step around that. I think something must have been living in here."