Friday, June 22, 2007

Firefly "Season 2"

Ran across an interesting website today called Firefly Season 2. The stated purpose of this group is (quoting from the site):

Who we are:
We are an independent production company and core group of Browncoats. We are not affiliated with 20th Century Fox or Universal Pictures.

We are currently pursuing the rights to continue the series from Fox and make it available to the fans, either directly or via another broadcaster.

The optional information collected at this site is simply used to determine where and how the series should be marketed to consumers. (that's you!)

As usual, I'm probably late to the party in discovering this, but it's exciting! This is the same kind of grassroots effort that led to the production of the movie Serenity and for that matter, brought the original Star Trek back to life after a 10 year hiatus.

Can't Stop the Signal!

ETA: Brendan thinks I'm a big dork about all of this Firefly stuff and I must admit to the truth of it (for who am I to quibble with Mr. Reality, after all, A is A and Jayne is Jayne). I make no excuses for my confidence that we have not seen the last of this 'verse. It already survives outside of the television show and movie in the form of graphic novels and browncoat clubs and special appearances at DragonCon. Also, I'm compelled to admit that the impending final installment of the Harry Potter series will leave a black black hole which I am happy to fill up with a little Serenity!


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Well, although I think that Serenity was a big horrible mess of a movie that completely ruined and inverted the characters (I have a theory that this is because Tim Minear was not involved, allowing Whedon's mysticism and certain lack of philosophical grounding to take over), if they can get Minear on the team then they could have a chance to fill the gaping void, and have a successful run, that will be left on the USA channel after The 4400 ends. Or alternatively after Stargate Atlantis ends on the Sci Fi channel.

Yes I'm a big dork, too (and a fire breathing Objectivist).


Rational Jenn said...

Oooh--fire breathing Objectivist! I like that. Can I borrow?

Yeah, the Serenity movie was okay for what it was--6 1/2 seasons wrapped up into a couple of hours. They did what they could. I was left with still so many more questions--for example, what was the deal with Book? I don't have the experience of seeing the movie first (came into the whole thing really late), but it's hard to imagine what someone seeing it would be thinking of the tv series based on that movie alone. It seemed pretty disjointed and if I hadn't already loved the characters so much, I might not have thought too much more about it. Still, as it's all I've hubby and I do still watch it from time to time, but not as much as the tv show.

Wasn't Minear involved in Drive, the Nathan Fillion show that just got canceled? I wonder if that show was any better, philosophically. Although I now know better than to get involved in another show that only lasted 1/2 a season!

The Minear/Whedon combo seems to be a good one--they provide a good balance for each other. Lennon and McCartney had a similar thing going, and they weren't half bad--together. Apart, well...not quite the same thing.

Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,

Just had to return to see what you had to say. Weeee.

Sure you can borrow. Hell Im pretty sure I got it from someone else.

I think the Minear-Whedon team is a great balance. My favorite episodes of Firefly and Buffy were written by Minear, at least. Out of Gas is what I think is the best Firefly ep. (glad you mentioned it in the post) and was written by Minear.

I have been working too hard on this theory.

By the way, love the blog. Very charming and interesting.


Rational Jenn said...

"Out of Gas" is AWESOME! It's so amazingly well-spun, three different time frames (the past, the near past and the present) all seamlessly intertwined. Plus, drama, funny stuff, character development...

Yes, just a tiny bit obsessed, I am. Really, I'm holding back on my inner-OCD monster, because the new Harry Potter book comes out so freaking soon and just the very thought of it makes me eeky. Eek! See? So, sometimes I must let the OCD-monster out for a bit of air in the Firefly 'verse. When I've finished Book 7, I expect I'll be posting like crazy about HP.

Glad you like the blog--I like entertaining myself, but it's always nice to know that someone else might enjoy it, too!