Friday, June 29, 2007

How Do I Love Costco?

I went to Costco yesterday on the spur of the moment. I haven't been in at least a year and a half. I thought I didn't like it anymore. It certainly is a pain to go to with small kids. I usually spend way more than I intended to when I'm there. I hate having to bring my purchases into the house without the benefit of boxes or bags.

I thought I didn't like Costco anymore. I was wrong.

I went for batteries, contact lens solution, notepads and a few other items. I bought those items and more! Yes, I spent more than I planned to, but I just don't care! (That's part of the evilness of wholesale clubs--they must put something into the HVAC system that entices you to spend more money and diminishes any regrets about doing so. Deeeep breath, aaaahhh!)

  • Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2006--$13.99 a bottle. I've been paying $16-19. It's my absolute favorite wine and I just about squealed out loud when I saw it. (But I had to maintain my dignity on behalf of my children.) I bought 9 bottles. Oh yes I did. Yes.
  • Veronica Mars--seasons 1 & 2, $21.99 each. So glad we turned down the $45 that Best Buy wanted for season 1. Eek!
  • Baby wipes--the giant box--$19
  • Pull-ups--the giant box--$25--unheard of at the grocery store
  • Extra pillows--2 for $9

With the exception of Veronica Mars, I bought nothing that we wouldn't normally get at the grocery store or Target.

Obviously, I'm still feeling all swoony. I don't think I should go back for a loooong while, otherwise I'm afraid that I will go completely nuts and get some new bookcases and a spiffy television. And more wine.


ETA: I just realized that $13.99 a bottle is cheaper than the per bottle rate I paid when I bought a case of the 2005 last year. And here I've been regretting not getting a case of the 2006 (which is better)! Please, make it stop.


Rachel said...

Also, if you are going to do things like buy an "extra", like VM, every month, why not just join Netflix? I thought I'd hate it because I *hate* waiting for things, but their turn-around is very reliable and prompt, and I've made it through several series that I otherwise would have had to spend an unconscionable amount of money on. (I used to think that I wanted to own all my favorite shows and movies, but I find that, with a few exceptions, like Whedon's stuff, I don't really re-watch a lot - at least not so often that it doesn't pay simply to belong to the glorified library that Netflix is, may fortune favor them!) (Oh, and one more thing: I also take more chances, now. I'll try something that I'd never spend 5 bucks on at Hollywood Video.) (And if you do join, you can share preference lists with friends, and strangers, to get ideas, etc.)

Parenthetically, I think I use parentheses too much, no?

Monica said...

I used to hate places like Costco. I really like them now. My boyfriend converted me. Some of the stuff is a rip off, but if you know how to buy correctly, you can get some really great deals. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses there for $120. Not bad.

Rational Jenn said...

Costco both attracts and repels me. It's really amazing. It's this oh-so-glorious monument to capitalism, but I dislike the crowdedness and the luck of the draw inventory system, mostly because I (obviously) lack the willpower to resist buying things because I fear they will not be there the next time I manage to get out to Costco.

I don't regret buying VM--it's great--but I have made a pact with myself not to buy any more DVDs from Costco unless they were already on The List! As for Netflix, we are/were members, but it's not a good match for us, at least for movie-watching. We never seem to be "in the mood" to watch whatever we happen to have in the house and then just sit on movies for months, often sending them back without watching them. Pitiful, I know. I finally cleaned out our queue and we have until Monday to return our last movie (my deadline). I was going to close the account, but now I think we should use it for our tv-watching-thang, because we just seem to watch more tv shows on DVD than movies.

Okay, rambling, huh? And, Rachel, sorry about the super late response--it must have gotten lost in the shuffle. Bye!

Rachel said...

Regarding lateness, no problem; that's what subscribing to comments is for (I love that!).

As for Netflix, what you said is exactly why I didn't subscribe to it for a long time. But when my watching habits changed, it became valuable. Now, I have a definite interest in making my way through certain television serials and this is a heck of a lot more reliable than even a DVR (not that I don't use that, too). Also, because my friends and I have starting watching movies together on the weekends, I like to have an older movie handy, a la "Dude, you haven't seen that?! You so have to watch it! Let me put it in my Netflix queue." And recently I explored their settings for sub-accounts. I ended up splitting my two-at-a-time subscription into two "individuals" in my household: Rachel for my serials and Raych for my movies. So now I keep two separate queues, just as if it were two different people with different interests. And each only get one movie at a time!