Friday, June 22, 2007

I Have A Son

I just glanced at my boy, who was watching the Movie On The Wall with his hands down the front of his pants. It's a Y Chromosome thing....I don't understand.

He saw me look over and offered the following narrative:

"Mom, I'm testing out the hole, you know, the hole in my underpants that they put in for the penis to poke through. Well, I'm testing it out."

And why are you testing it out, my dear?

"Weeellll, to make sure that the penis can get out. You know, girl underpants, well, girls don't have a hole in their underpants, but boys do."


"Weeellll, I picked out white underpants today."

(You'd have to know him IRL to appreciate the spectacular drawl of his "wweelllls.")

He walks over to me and pulls down his shorts, revealing, yes indeedy, white underpants.

"See, Mom? They are white, and have a white band with letters. There's a hole, too."

Then he went back to his movie. I'm nonplussed; he will certainly be mortified to know that I've done my best to record conversations such as these as faithfully as possible. But he's just too funny a guy, articulate and smart, and just a wee bit obsessed with the fact that his underpants have holes.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled evening....

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