Monday, June 18, 2007

More Government School Ridiculousness

Alert! A whole fifth grade class recently brought deadly weapons to their graduation ceremony.

(Aside: Fifth grade graduation? WTF?)

These lawless hooligans had the unmitigated gall to decorate their little graduation hats with toy soldiers. The deadly toys were equipped with....wait for it......teeny tiny plastic guns. Yes, these horrible children brought guns to their school. And on graduation day, too.

The potential criminals/terrorists ('cause isn't it the obvious assumption?) were not permitted to participate in the ceremony until those itty bitty guns, I mean, bits of harmless gun-shaped plastic were removed.

Now I'm wondering:

Which deadly weapon was used to remove the guns--steak knife, nail clippers, scissors?

Which adult was banned from the ceremony after using such a weapon to snip off all those little guns?

HT: The Neal Boortz Show

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