Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Queen Hatshepsut!

This is truly amazing! DNA testing has confirmed that an unidentified mummy, first discovered in 1903 in the Valley of the Kings, is Queen Hatshepsut! Another mummy had been misidentified as Hatshepsut, but scientists (as quoted in the above article) say they are "100 percent sure."

A woman who defied conventions and crowned herself pharaoh, she ruled successfully for around 20 years. Her impressive temple has been painstakingly restored over the last 40 years or so.

One might say that Queen Elizabeth I took a page out of Hatshepsut's book. They were both brazen women who dared to take on the quintessential man's role--king--in a man's world. Both countries flourished under their leadership.

And how cool is that, that technology has developed so that they can establish positive identities of these ancient corpses based on the DNA evidence? They used different techniques to figure out that old Ramses I (sorry, the old spelling conventions die hard with me) was that poor mummy on display up in Niagara Falls for all those years. We got to see him in Atlanta before they sent him back to Egypt. I wonder if they'll try to DNA test him now?

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