Monday, June 25, 2007

Serves Her Right

Oh, poor little Cameron Diaz is apologizing for bringing her Mao Zedong bag to Peru, a country that has been terrorized for years by Maoist Shining Path murdering types.

She claims she didn't know that the symbol emblazoned on her cute little bag was that of Mao "Up With People" Zedong, truly a fun guy if there ever was one. She only bought her bag in China, for pete's sake. Not like there's any pro-communist propaganda being sold there, you know? (Not that there isn't an abundant selection of such items here in the States.)

Did she really not know? Dunno, I'll let you know when I talk to her. But I suspect that she, like so many other Che-Mao-tshirt-and-hat-wearing-oh-so-hip-trend-setters just thought it was cool. It's cool to wear a Che shirt, don't ya know? Apparel for the truly enlightened.

Or ignorant. I am so glad Diaz was called on this fashion faux pas. Now if it would only happen in this country once in a while.

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