Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My kids and I were comparing our relative tans. Morgan is naturally tan and we call her our "brown baby." Ryan is as white as, well, me. Not deathly pale like a vampire (okay, the parts that don't get out much may be on the ghostly side). The rest of him is just a little bit sun-kissed, a modest golden color. But he desperately wants to be TAN. Sadly, he just doesn't have the pigment for it.

Not to be thwarted by such trivial facts as skin pigmentation, he boldly declared himself The Brownest Kid in America and offered the following evidence in support of his argument:

"My skin is brown. My poop is brown. My hair is brown. And my eyes are brown!"

What do you say to that, I ask you? Irrefutable logic, that.

And with that story, we're off to go pick up Brendan from work!

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