Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Update

I only have a few minutes to blog, as I must somehow finish the kitchen (almost there!), the family room (sorta there!) and the playroom (ye gads!) before I go to bed at a semi-normal time, which I think is defined as "before 11:00pm."

Here are a few highlights of my weekend:
  • Friday night, Morgan fell asleep early early because she did not nap, so Brendan and I played Pop Belly with Ryan. He won.
  • Saturday was T-Ball Picture Day, so we were there from 10:30 to 12:30 with no lunch break. We made do with pepperoni and string cheese and water. No real lunch = crankpots.
  • In the afternoon, we went up to the cabin with some friends. Ryan's mood was touch-and-go at first, but he pulled out of it and all the kids seemed to really get along. Forgot the $%#&*@ hot tub key again. We drank and played Take Your Pick after (most of) the kids went to bed. So. Much. Fun.
  • This morning got off to a rough start when Ryan wrenched his neck while performing a Break A Piece Of Tape Off The Roll With Your Teeth maneuver. Didn't see it, but he was howling pretty hard for quite a while.
  • Not too long after he finally calmed down from the neck injury (it stopped hurting after being still for a while), Ryan went around the corner of the deck to play with his friend. When the blood-curdling screams ensued, we found the poor child hysterical and holding his eye. Turns out he was stung twice by a wasp, once just under the eyebrow and once on the eyelid. Yay for having Benadryl on hand.
  • We returned home with our poor injured child and other poor sleep-deprived child. Brendan went to work for a bit. On the way home from dinner, Morgan said in a low voice, "Must Be Idiot" of course referring to her brother. I think the "Sticks and Stones" years have officially commenced.
Time to go and clean house somehow because I will have my friend's two boys all day tomorrow and I've learned the hard way that it's best to start off with a semi-straightened home.

Also, I have hereby resolved to start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier to have time to exercise and generally grapple with consciousness before the kids get up and start making demands. I'm excited to finally embark on this plan. Morgan has actually gone to bed already (miracle!) and I found out that F/X shows Buffy, The Vampire Slayer at 7:00am on weekdays. Looking forward to returning to the Hellmouth!

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