Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whole Foods CEO Rides The John Galt Line?

Well, maybe sometimes.

It's always a pleasure to read about a CEO on the right side of an anti-trust lawsuit lauding Ayn Rand. John Mackey is taking the offensive against the Federal Trade Commission's interference with Whole Foods' intended acquisition of a competitor. Read his Q & A--it is a joyful thing.

Sure, he is no Objectivist (in his comments on his post entitled "Conscious Capitalism: Creating a New Paradigm for Business" he explicitly rejects Objectivist ethics) but I'm enjoying the fact that Rand is brought into the discussion with the assumption that people know who she is, are familiar with the philosophy she created, and that Mackey is generally favorable towards her. Yay!

I love Whole Foods, but the nearest one is just a bit too far away from my house to be convenient for regular shopping trips. Not to mention there are enormous open bins full of peanuts just a-waiting for us in the produce section which stretches my produce comfort zone past my limit. I should talk to the produce manager though and learn about their procedures (if any) for preventing cross-contamination of produce. Maybe if they open one up near my house! I do like their food and their selection though. And of course I'm hoping (against all hope probably) that they win their FTC case. That would be sweet indeed.

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