Monday, July 23, 2007

Cool Firefly Posters Coming Out Soon (Sort Of)

Remember when I posted a link to a poster called "Visit Tranquil Miranda"?

Well, I just found out that that poster and 5 others will be available soon. Problem is, you have to go to Comic Con (this year it's in San Diego) to get them. Maybe they'll make more and sell them online. They look quite nice, I think.

Now that I've emerged from the Harry Potter cocoon I've been in most of the weekend (sigh), I need to clean up around the house and organize myself for the week. The cabin has been renting well this month, but it's available this weekend. I've got a word-of-mouth advertising push I'm working on called Rent The Cabin, You Know You Want To (if only I could use The Force or the Imperius Charm!). I've got grocery shopping to do, meals to plan, blog comments to respond to, bills to pay, research to do and kids to love on. Naturally, there is laundry. :o)

Hoping to return to regular posting soon. Cheers!

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