Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Couple New Homeschool Links

Formerly known as Homeschool Excursions (or affiliated with them in some manner, I'm not really sure), the Georiga Enrichment Program for Homeschoolers is offering classes again this year, beginning soon-ish. This is neat because it's just a few miles from my home (convenience) and they have lots of different offerings such as chess, sewing, Shakespeare, art, writing, LEGO, science and more (variety). One day, I hope to have a child who might be interested in taking some classes there--The Boy has little interest in doing anything without me at this stage in his life--he is only 5 after all. Maybe we'll check out the open house tomorrow, just to see.

And here is an interesting science website: Science With Me. I haven't checked it out fully just yet, but looks like they have some small experiment/projects for the younger set. Those might come in handy on rainy days when we are looking for something new and fun to do. It might also help me answer some of the myriad questions I get all day long. Even when I do know the answer--I sometimes claim to be a science dunce, but I actually know more than I let on--but even when I DO know, my Little Skeptic often needs to be convinced. I see that as a good thing, usually.

So. There it is.

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