Saturday, July 28, 2007

Getting In Touch With My Inner Martha

Well, I made the super yummiest dinner tonight! See, this is the reward I get for getting on top of my Next Actions (thank you, David Allen of Getting Things Done!).

I actually had, get this, every single ingredient I needed in the house (minus one, onion, but I'm not so big on onions, so that wasn't such a big deal) to make:

Peach Mustard BBQ Pork Chops
Grilled Steak (yes, we had 2 meats--the toddler ate about, oh, 1/4lb of the steak--I'm dead serious)
Homemade Popovers (thanks to my sis, the real cook in the family)
Fruit on the side

I know! I almost can't believe it myself! The pork chops were really tasty and were nicely paired with a perfectly chilled 2006 Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (Costco--$13.99!). Of which I've consumed 2 glasses, hence the rambling and the need to post my dinner menu on my blog for the entire 'verse to see.

No, really. This is a big deal for me, because I really am getting quite on top of things. I will post more about how I've actually accomplished this amazing feat when I've sobered up when I get a chance, but for now you may refer to me as a "Martha-In-Training." (Miss Stewart if you're nasty.)

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