Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Maybe We Should Invite Him To Our Objectivist Group

An article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (registration required) today features the graduation of an 81 year old student from Kennesaw State University, my graduate school alma mater.

Arthur Harris is a co-founder of Spa Sydell, a very successful spa chain in the Atlanta area. But here's what's most interesting to me:

He says he's always been a voracious reader. The son of a homemaker who was a high school graduate and of a shoe store manager who didn't make it past the sixth grade, he didn't have much interest in going to college. After finishing her chores, his mother would sit in a chair and read novels by Pearl S. Buck and Taylor Caldwell.

"She introduced me to Ayn Rand," Harris says.


He also says his favorite book is Atlas Shrugged. His MOM introduced him to Ayn Rand. Sweet.

I always enjoy it when good people mention Ayn Rand as a positive influence, especially in large newspapers and other publications.

Lifelong Objectivist, successful businessman, lives in our city--it would be so cool to meet him. And he deserves congratulations for his accomplishment--although I'm certain he probably has enough experience and insight to be a professor in the business school.

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