Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Success In The Cabin Business!

We've had a fantastic rental season the last few weeks at the cabin! Every single weekend in July was rented out, plus one whole week. We have another weekly rental starting next week, too.

I was pretty disappointed with our rentals in May and June. July is the month I had envisioned, although I would have been happier with another weekly rental or two. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll have that many rentals in August because most of our renters live in metro Atlanta and the stupid schools start up the first or second week of August. Also, one of the rental weekends booked for August is for us. We're having family come from out of town to celebrate a milestone birthday. And I love that we can do that, (especially since we'll miss the other big family trip to Ireland for another milestone birthday); however, we had to turn 2 potential renters away for that weekend. Oh well, so now I know that for next year. And I know our family understands.

I would LOVE to have some great rentals in September and October. The view is just gorgeous in the fall, which is when we first laid eyes on the property. The weather is usually quite nice, too. I'm also planning to decorate the cabin for the holidays. I've hired my sister, the self-proclaimed "Christmas Dork" (and it's so true!), to help me get some good decorations on a budget. I think having the cabin decorated will interest potential renters for the holidays.

I've heard that the renters enjoyed staying at the cabin and I'm hoping that we have earned some repeat customers. All in all, I'm pleased and I think I've got a sense of what to plan for next year. Don't think we'll break even this year, but you never know. And we've gotten a lot of personal use out of it, too, so I really can't complain on that score!

I'm excited. A year ago, this was all still in my head. And now it's real. Cool.

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