Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What You Need To Know About Pukinson's Disease

It sucks.

Actually, it blows. Hee hee. It is to laugh.

Three of us went down within a few hours of each other on Saturday night, which was spent, as you can imagine, in a blur of running, laundry, Clorox wipes, sleeping on the floor and whining. We spent the whole of Sunday alternately napping and just staring at each other. Morgan played serenely in the distance.

Ryan and Brendan seem to have recovered at this point but I'm still fighting the Good Fight, hampered significantly by that dastardly sinus infection. I feel much, much better today and hope to accomplish actual tasks in my life such as folding the ever-present and appallingly large mound of laundry, working through the pile of Stuff I made for Getting Things Done, paying a few bills, doing the dishes, and maybe a bit of blogging on this and the FamBlog.

Incidentally, about the laundry, my friend and I had a brilliant idea this morning. Since the kids don't know and don't care about wearing wrinkled clothes, I shouldn't even bother to fold their stuff at all. I can just roll each child's clothes up into a big ball and toss it in their rooms and they can go about their business. Morgan's naked half the time anyway. Seriously, why am I bothering?

I suppose the answer is that my standards, while low, aren't quite that low. Yet. I guess that means there's still some hope for me!

My husband gets major snaps for dragging himself to work yesterday and also for hanging out a bit here this morning with the kids since I got about 5 hours of sleep last night. Niciest hubby in the world, that guy. Thanks, sweetie.

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