Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guess What I'm Doing Saturday?

As I mentioned in my previous post, we usually stop in Raleigh on our way to the edge of the earth. We stay at the same hotel every year, which is conveniently situated right next to a mall with lots of fun places to eat and things to do (like the Vermont Teddy Bear Company). The last few years, my parents have driven down from DC to hang with us and see the kids for a couple days.

I just found out that the American Idol auditions will be at this very mall on Saturday! Funny--they need the entire Georgia Dome for days and days here in Atlanta, but just a regular-sized mall for one day in Raleigh.

I kind of want to go, even though I know it will be a zoo. Depending on the kids (and my parents), we might go see a museum or something. But--American Idol! Just think of the People Watching Potential! Oh, the humanity!

Brendan wants to try out, but pouted when I told him that he was just too damn old.

If we do go to the mall Saturday, I will definitely write a post about the experience!


Marnee said...

Ha! I would totally try to go and check that out. If only to catch a glimpse of the hopefulls. Fun stuff.

Rational Jenn said...

I think we'll go at least for a little while. The grandparents have been dying to Build A Bear with the little ones.

Reading a bit more about it, this is kind of a mini-audition, so no Simon, Paula, and Randy. The winners of this audition go on to the real audition in Philly. But still--Crazy.

At least we can walk over from the hotel--no parking problems.

Wish me luck!